Annual Report

Board of Trustees

Jericho-Underhill Water District

P.O. Box 174

Underhill, Vermont 05489

                                                                October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020



Kirk Patch of Champlin Associates in Essex,VT assumed the duties of Chief Operator  and Andy Foresberg of Poker Hill Rd. was our Assistant Operator.  The Trustees thank Mike Willard for his three years working for the JUWD as its Assistant Operator and as Chief Operator. We appreciate the dedication and the continued assistance to the district.  Marc Maheux continued to be a resource for both Kirk and Andy after his retirement as Chief Operator.  Jason Ritter, Trustee, did not seek reelection at his next term and Tanner Palmer of Rte. 15, Jericho was elected for a three-year term in October, 2019.


Marc Maheux served as Moderator for the 2019 Annual Meeting. The Trustees consisted of Joseph P. O’Brien, President, Jason P. Ritter, Trustee, and Stephen Jennings, Trustee. Nancy Benson served as Clerk and Treasurer and the assistant Clerk was Jason Ritter. Meter Reader was Andy Foresberg and he also served as Delinquent Bill

Collector.  Auditors were Vicki Milton, Harland Blodgett, and Bill VanDeVenter.   Marc Maheux continued to manage our website and was available for consultations. The district was also assisted, when needed, by Assistant Operator Michael R. Willard.  Helen Miller was our local water tester. The Trustees wish to thank everyone for their work this past year.


The Jericho-Underhill Water District provided drinking water and fire hydrant access to 326+ residential and business connections representing about 900 people within the District. During the past year drinking water supplied to the District averaged about 40,000 gallons per day.  Water delivered to District customers this year was of high quality and adequate quantity and met all state and federal requirements.


            Listed below are some highlights of the past year:

  • Electrical improvements were completed on the Maple Ridge tank by Trombley Electric.  New power lines and new meter replacements were added to the tank- side of the road.
  • The Source Protection Plan was updated by Chief operator, Kirk Patch and Submitted to the State for its approval.
  • We replaced some radio communication components that connect our tanks with our pumps. The radio system communicates needs between the tanks and pumps and also keeps our staff aware of both operations.
  • Flushing of the entire system took place twice, once in November and again in May.
  • A well pump and five sections of pipe were replaced in well #2 with excellent results in flow and capacity.
  • Weekly testing along with yearly testing for lead and copper were completed.  Results for all testing were very good with all levels well below state and federal requirements. 
  • The Trustees contracted with Utility Business Systems for RapidRead Utility Billing Software that coordinates all billing with our Quickbooks financial management software.
  • A new four-inch line was bored under Pokerhill Rd.
  • PFOA/PFOS, perfluorooctanoic acid tests, results as required by The State,

 were completed with negative results.

  • We were fortunate over the winter to have no leaks on any service line.
  • The Trustees appreciated the work of Robert Hill for winter plowing.
  • The Trustees and staff worked with G.W. Tatro, who purchased the mill site, along with Hamlin Engineering of Essex on the water infrastructure for future development.
  • Vermont Natural Resources Department completed a Sanitary Survey Inspection with very positive results in meeting all requirements.
  • The Trustees approved five new allocations for water service for new construction.
  • Interns with Champlin Associates complete exterior sanding, priming, and painting of all hydrants in the District.
  • Our Consumer Confidence Report was distributed to all customers either electronically or hand delivered and our Source Protect Plan was updated and approved.
  • The District plans to repair some older hydrants that do not function at 100%.  Work to be completed will make for easier operation and full functionality.  A request for proposal will be sent out for bids in the spring based on engineer drawings completed by O’Leary and Burke Engineers.



Joseph P. O'Brien, President

Jason Ritter, Trustee

Stephen Jennings, Trustee