2012 Annual Report


Annual Report

Board of Trustees

of the

Jericho-Underhill Water District

P.O. Box 174

Underhill, Vermont 05489

October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012

                The Jericho-Underhill Water District provides drinking water and fire hydrant access to approximately 313 connections representing about 800 people within the District. During the past year drinking water supplied to the District averaged 52,370 gallons per day, which is slightly higher than the previous two years.

                During the past fiscal year our  required monthly bacteria water tests were twice positive for total coliform. In each case the District took immediate corrective action and increased testing. The second positive in September 2012 resulted in a Non-Acute Total Coliform Notice from the State and required issuing a “Boil Water” Notice to the District. The District found wasp nest and  made repairs to the hatch and vent on the Poker Hill water tank  to prevent this in the future. This resulted in  increased the level of chlorination. Subsequent testing was negative and met State requirements for drinking water. There were no other water test violations  issues during the fiscal year.

                The District received the final American Recovery and Rebuild Act (ARRA) stimulus money payment of $5493.93. Under this program the District spent $145050.00. Of this amount the ARRA Subsidy was $82,650.00   resulting in a District 20 year bond for the balance in the amount of $62,350.00 at 3%. The District begins making payments on this bond in FY2013. The District received a matching grant from the Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) for safety equipment. This grant assisted the District in purchasing road signs which comply to new highway safety standards, traffic cones, a drum dolly, vehicle flashing yellow lights. 

                The District Source Protection Plan was revised, approved by the State, and reissued. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) conducted a Sanitary Survey of the District facilities and issued a renewal of the District Operating Permit. The health dept. also conducted an inspection of the District fluoridation equipment and operation. 

                Maintenance activity included inspection of the District tanks and cistern and removal of sediment. The inspection found cistern, tanks and tank coatings in good shape. A beaver dam was causing water to back up onto a District drive making it potentially impassible. The beavers were trapped by a State Fish and Game and the dam disassembled. The Control Building was stained, and the Pump House sides and roof were painted. System hydrants were flushed. Billing software was upgraded and improved at each quarterly billing cycle.  

                Repair activity included repairing a major leak at Browns River Middle School on a cold day in January, replacing a frozen propane regulator, reprogramming the pump motor drive software at the Poker Hill Tank, replacing the chlorine injection pump at the control building, replacing insulation in the pump pit at the Maple Ridge Tank, replacing a phase control board at the Control Building,  

                Customer support activity included location of water lines in anticipation of installing natural gas services, advice on draining lines to remove sediment causing discolored water, and allocation of water for a new residence. 

                The District completed the installation of a sub-main along Route 15 to reduce the potential of service line freezing at 3 houses. In addition improvements were made to the Control Building drive and culvert.

                The Board wishes to thank its employees and volunteers for their work through out the year. The Board thanks Sara Ritter who served as Assistant Operator for the District for over three and a half years. During that time she became certified, did testing and provided back up to the Chief Operator. She resigned in July to pursue a full time job and family responsibilities. The District is currently seeking a new assistant operator.

                If you are a resident of the District who would be interested in serving the District as a trustee, officer, employee, or volunteer please contact the Board. The Board asks District residents and customers to report water related irregularities such as leaks, wet spots, pressure swings, taste concerns, color concerns, etc. In the past customer reports have been the key to finding leaks and solving problems.

                The District website is located at http://jerichounderhillwater.org and contains information including regulations, test results, , water usage reports and a new notification area where you can sign up to receive urgent notification(s) form the district. The Board holds regular monthly, public meetings on the first Monday of each month. These meetings are held at 7:00pm in the basement of the United Church of Underhill located at 7 Park Street in Underhill Flats across from the town green. Residents and voters of the District are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

______________________             ______________________             ______________________

Peter H. Mitchell, President                Richard H. Eldred, Trustee                Joseph P. O’Brien, Trustee

Dated: November 5, 2012