2002 Annual Report


Annual Report

Board of Trustees

of the

Jericho-Underhill Water District

P.O. Box 174

Underhill, Vermont 05489


October 1, 2001 to September 30, 2002


            The Jericho-Underhill Water District provides drinking water and fire hydrant access to approximately 850 people within the District. During the past year drinking water supplied to the district was approximately 45,000 gallons per day and the results of State required water tests consistently met water quality standards. 

            The District’s “Public Water System Permit to Operate” was renewed in April for 5 years. During the repermitting process the Vermont Water Supply Division found the “system is one of the best operated and managed systems in Vermont”. 

            During the past year three new customers were connected to the system. Approximately 36 old water meters were replaced with new meters and outside read-outs; this is part of a long term project to make meter reading more convenient and more accurate. 

            The District replaced the water tank telephone telemetry with a radio transmitter and backup power supply. This change saves on monthly telephone charges and should reduce peak power charges in case of power interruption. The District supported the Jericho Town road work and paving on Dickinson Street and River Road by relocating lines and valves. The District also supported the Underhill Town road and drainage work at the green on Park Street. The gate to the Control Building was replaced. The roof of the Storage building was repaired. Approximately a third of the fire  hydrants were painted. Approximately 5 shutoffs were repaired or replaced.   

            The District developed a list of emergency contacts and discussed responses to a number of emergency scenarios. The District is planning to place a security fence around the main water storage tank in response to several incidents within the state and the international situation.   

            The District has begun using Quick Books for accounting and reporting of financial status. The Board expresses appreciation to Bill Vandeventer for his assistance in making the transition to this system. Robert Cormier resigned as Collector and Meter Reader. The Board appointed Dwight DeCoster to fill these positions. Joe Beane resigned as assistant operator; the Board is seeking someone to fill this position. 

            The District main water storage tank and cistern were inspected and cleaned in the fall of 2001. The district was advised to repaint the tank both internally and externally within a period of approximately 2 years. During the past year the Board hired Phelps Engineering of Middlebury Vermont to develop plans for painting the tank and at the same time to consider the option of  building a second tank to improve the operation of the system and make the painting less risky.  


            The District website is located at "http://jerichounderhillwater.org". The Board holds regular monthly, public meetings on the first Monday of each month. These are held at 7:00 p.m. in the basement of the United Church of Underhill located on the green on Park Street in Underhill Flats. Members and voters of the district are encouraged to attend.            


Respectfully submitted,


Peter H. Mitchell, President


 Richard H. Eldred, Trustee


 Roger F. Koniuto, Trustee

October 28, 2002