2000 Annual Report



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October 1, 1999 - September 30, 2000 

This report is dedicated to Harold E. Sargent, P.E. 

     The Jericho-Underhill Water District  is a municipality which provides drinking water to approximately 800 customers in the Riverside Section of Jericho and the Underhill Flats Section of Underhill.  Water usage is typically 50,000 to 55,000 gallons per day.  The water is treated with chlorine as a precaution, fluoride for dental health, and phosphate to sequester manganese.  The district elects citizens to serve as officers of the district and hires operating and other services within the district as available. 

     Water quality is reported to district customers in the annual drinking water quality report.  The annual report and subsequent testing indicates that during the past  year the district water met all applicable standards. 

     In June 2000 Harold E. Sargent resigned from the board after having served for many years in various capacities including moderator, president, trustee, and backup operator.  Harold worked with the district water system for most of the 30 years he lived in the district; his knowledge of water systems and our system in particular will be missed.  In recognition of his many contributions to the District, the board awarded Harold a certificate of “Outstanding Public Service”.  The board appointed Peter Mitchell to fill the position of president.  Kenneth Crimmins, who served as a trustee, resigned in November.  The board appointed Richard Eldred to fill his position. In September 2000 the board appointed Roger Koniuto to fill the vacant trustee position.

      During the summer months a major improvement was made to the water transmission system along Poker Hill Road in Underhill.  Approximately 900 feet of 8” ductile iron pipe, two hydrants and other improvements were installed.  This project was coordinated and supervised by the district’s chief operator Marc Maheux,  The project improves water service and fire protection to district customers on Poker Hill Road and improves the integrity of the system for better service and safer water for all customers.

      The system experienced no Y2K problems.

      In early February 2000 district water usage doubled; indicating a significant leak.  The location of the leak was found February 18 with the assistance from an observant customer who reported liquid water in the vicinity of the Underhill ID School ice rink.  Curb stop information compiled over the past two years was used to locate the shutoff valve for the school and the leak was repaired the next day.

      In June half a dozen customers all on the same distribution spur reported water pipes inside their houses were vibrating.  This was traced to a fluttering toilet tank valve which appears to have excited a resonance in the spur.

      This year the board experienced an unusually large number of bills in arrears.  This is a cost to the district and the board is trying different methods to reduce this number, including the use of registered mail.  As has been the policy, the board is willing to work with customers to arrange a payment plan.

      The board desires to hire a part time operator to assist in the operation of the system and serve as a backup to the chief operator.  This person needs to be certified for Class 3 water systems or become so within two years of being hired.  Certification programs are conducted annually by the state of Vermont.

      The board holds regular monthly meetings, usually on the first Monday of the month at     7:00 p.m. in the basement of the United Church of Underhill located on Park Street in Underhill Flats.  These are public meetings.  Members of the district are encouraged to attend.                                                                        

Respectfully submitted,                                                                      


 Peter H. Mitchell, President


Richard H. Eldred, Trustee

________________________________________                                                                             Roger F. Koniuto, Trustee