1997 Annual Report of the Water District




OCTOBER 1, 1996 - September 30 1997

The Board has experienced a busy year with the connection of the new United Christian Assembly Church on Raceway Road, the new Underhill-Jericho Fire Department building on Route 15, and the new Deborah Rawson Library building on River Road (Steam Hill Road). A house connection was made to serve the Nickerson family of Maple Ridge Road.

Water quality testing continues to meet state requirements. Recent testing for lead and copper showed water at ten sample stations to be well below state upper limits for these constituents. The policy of monthly flushing of the distribution system has improved the iron floc problem that continuous chlorination caused,

The District continues to make payments on two bonds totaling $27,383.51 for both bonds annually. The initial bond was for the local share of a 1971 project which resulted in the construction of three miles of eight inch water pipe, a shallow 10 well point system on the former Kenneth and Emily Mitchell property, and a finished water storage tank of 250,000 gallons on Maple Ridge, The other municipal bond (current balance of $271,666.17) in 1991 financed the local share of a new deep well source involving two gravel wells, each 170 feet deep near the Brown's River and connected to the water system. Well No l. is a gravel developed well with stainless steel screen and well No. 2 is a gravel packed well, also with a screen, Each well provides about 150 gallons per minute when either submersible pump operates. If required to operate simultaneously the pumps will provide 290 gallons per minute.

The average daily water use was 51,985 gallons per day with a low month (December) of 40,445 gallons per day and a high month (June) of 62,703 gallons

per day. This amounts to an average use of 55 gallons per day on a per
person served based, of course, water used by the Browns River Middle and Underhill I.D. Schools, churches, businesses, and flushing the system are included in that per capita figure.

The main ditch that drains our access road to pump house and well field No. 1 was ditched this past September full length, A good thorough, job was done by Pat Lamphere. These facilities serve as an emergency water supply.

Considerable effort was made by Marc Maheux and Harold Sargent to locate curb stops, water lines, and main valves to help the state avoid and protect these lines during extensive storm drainage construction this past summer, The Board provided 2" insulation board (extruded. Styrofoam) and the state installed it as they did work near our pipes. The Board appreciates this cooperation.

Lastly, hydrants number 7, 22, and 29 were raised 12, 12, and 6 inches respectively as they were too low for easy removal of the caps. All hydrants sit properly at this time.

Future projects include replacement pipe on Poker Hill Road, service

connections to the new location of The Green Thumb on Route 15 (former church building) and to David Villeneuve's property On Route 15 near Brown's River, stream stabilization work on Water District property near Brown'-s River, and painting of the storage tank.

Respectfully submitted,


Harold E. Sargent: President

Peter Mitchell, Trustee

Kenneth Crimmins, Trustee