1996 Annual Report of the Water District



OCTOBER 1, 1996

The two gravel developed wells continue to provide plenty of excellent quality water. The average daily use varied from 57,000 gallons per day in October 1995 to 36,700 gallons per day in May 1996. Water is available for connection to homes situated near a water main and for extending the system by development.

The Board finally received easement deeds and ownership of the water main and valves in front of the Post Office and along Wonderhill Estates Road. This will enable the District to construct a much needed blow-off device so the line can be flushed. The blow-off will be a hydrant and is planned for installation in the Fall of 1996.

The Board and the State approved a Source Protection Plan developed by operator Marc Maheux. This is a State requirement and the Board is very much in favor of this plan. It is designed to make everyone in the District aware of the zone of influence of the wells so all can be conscious of the need to prevent and minimize potential contaminating materials.

New services were provided to Browns River Little School off Park Street, Mr. and Mrs. William Baldwin off Maple Ridge Road, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harriman on Route 15, and Warren Palmer on Route 15 at Creekside. A new 1 1/2 inch copper main was installed across Kim and Michael Sacco's property to replace a leaking plastic main and to increase the size so the Baldwins could be served. The Baldwins had been out of water off and on prior to their connection to the District.

Ten copper and lead samples were collected this past summer. All samples except one were well below the standards set by the State and the Environmental Protection Agency. A follow-up sample at the home showed the elevated one is was a spurious sample.

The Board arranged for 22 dual check valves to be installed on all homes in the higher elevations. This action will prevent backflow situations from occurring when the system at lower levels is stressed. An automobile damaged the electrical service, fuse, and on/off box that serves the old pumphouse No. 1. The driver's insurance paid for the repairs. The storage shed at the old well site No. 1 was repaired by replacement of a floor sill, floor repairs and roof repair. Also, two emergency Board meetings were held (12/18/95 and 12/21/95) in connection with cold weather construction of the service line to the Harriman's. The first meeting gave permission to proceed with the construction since it was later than the cut-off date for construction of December 15. The second meeting closed down the project due to inclement weather and for safety reasons.

The water system experienced its first positive coliform bacteria results since the new wells went on line in March of 1992. This resulted in a boil water advisory being issued for a two day period; and the activation of the system chlorinator. Samples after chlorination showed the coliform bacteria had been eliminated. The system will be chlorinated at a low level until further notice. Monthly testing will be resumed to monitor against a recurrence.

The board is seeking to determine the source of the coliform contamination. Testing to date has eliminated the source wells and the fluoride solution tank. Further testing is being considered.

All requirements for a full permit to operate a Public Water System have been met and we've been informed by the State that a full permit is imminent. Application for the full permit was made on September 27, 1996 which will replace the temporary permit we presently hold.

The Treasurer is getting set up to do computer billing. This should occur in January of 1997 for the last quarter of 1996. The Board approved using different meters with a more sophisticated reader system for remote reading of the meter. When fully converted it will be faster and eliminate many of the malfunctions we presently encounter.

Respectfully submitted,

Harold Sargent

Peter Mitchell

Michael Sacco