1995 Annual Report of the Water District



ANNUAL REPORT - September 30, 1995

Drinking water of adequate quantity and excellent quality continues to be provided customers in the Underhill Flats area. Water is available for hooking up new customers of homes that are near a water main. Water use ranges from 38,000 gallons per day to 56,000 gallons per day depending on the season.

The Board approved a payment of $20,000 to the Farmer's Home Administration to reduce the construction bond. This was construction money regarding the 1990 well construction project.

Testing costs have sky rocketed due to federal requirements for drinking water quality. For instance, Synthetic Organic Chemical testing (pesticides) cost the District $925.00 and Copper (cu) and Lead (Pb) testing was $200.00. There were no pesticides found in the samples and lead was not detected. Copper ranged from less than 0.05 mg/1 to 0.18 mg/l. The standard for copper is 1.3 mg/i. The Board also tested the water for Radon. The laboratory found 144 pico curies per liter. The proposed standard is 300 pico curies per liter.

The hydro-geology consultants completed our wellhead report on our two wells. This report defines different zones of influence on the wells to assist the board in protecting your water.

On March 11, 1995, there was a small (25 gal.) fuel oil spill by a National Guard tank truck on Steam Mill Road opposite where Dickinson Street enters. All oil was cleaned up and not considered a serious threat to the water system.

The Village Service Station connected to the water system. William and Sally Baldwin have requested water service on Maple Ridge.

Storm drainage work at Riverside on Route 15 and at the park near Park Street was performed using rigid insulation to protect the water mains from freezing as requested by the Board.

The District won its court case in defense against a developer who challenged the Board's legal right to charge connection fees and the Board's interpretation of its own regulations as they apply to housing developments.

Respectfully submitted,

Harold Sargent

Peter Mitchell

John Fowler