1994 Annual Report of the Water District





ANNUAL REPORT--- September 30, 1994

The wells continue to provide an abundant amount of safe clean setter for drinking and other uses. The served area is truly blessed by this pollution free water that comes from 165 feet below the Browns River. The aquifer rests underneath two impeding layers (one clay and one compacted till) which help protect its purity.

Monthly bacteriological samples continue to be negative for coliform bacteria, andrecent sample for volatile organic compounds was also negative for all 58 constituents tested. A second round of twenty copper and lead samples were collected again as required by the state and the EPA. These samples were all well below the upper limits (90th percentile for copper was 0.14 ppm and for-lead it was less than .005 ppm). We have a very stable non-corrosive water. The government limits for copper and lead are 1.3 and 0.015 ppm respectively. This natural condition of ourwater saves us all money as we don't have to add anti-corrosion chemicals.

The legislature increased (doubled) the fees we pay the state from 1cent per 1000 gallons of water used to 2 cents. Therefore the annual fee (paid quarter­ly) amounts to about $365.00.

The water system was flushed by our operator last spring. Four hydrants were raised to enhance operating them in case of a fire. Two -more will be done before winter. A new hydrant and 8” diameter line was installed near the Browns River Middle School by the Mt. Mansfield School District to replace a defective hydrant and an old and deficient Service line. This will improve the fire defense system at the school. A capped flanged tee was included for a possible future hydrant toward the rear of the building in the future.

The Board spent $13,000 on pipe thawing this past winter. A new piece
of thawing equipment was purchased to speed up its pipe thawing service for district customers. 

Twenty-four homes that are situated higher than homes on the plateau have been determined by the Board to require    backflow devices. This to prevent their hot water systems and any improper connection to stored water (swimming pools, watering-troughs, vats, etc.) from being drawn into the water system during a heavy draw  at a hydrant.  This could happen during a fire or from a hydrant that could-be hit by a vehicle. Three homes have been completed so far by our operator Marc Maheux.

Lastly, the Board is being sued by a developer. No other information is available since the case is under litigation.

Respectively Submitted:

John Fowler, Trustee   Peter Mitchell, Trustee   Harold Sargent, President