1992 Annual Report of the Water District




October 1, 1992         ANNUAL REPORT OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES         

Officers and Operators

The Board consists of Douglas Keith, Trustee, Peter Mitchell, Trustee and Harold Sargent, President. The clerk and treasurer is Evelyn Sargent, assistant clerk is Doug Keith, collector is Marc Maheux and the auditors are Adrien Berard, David Damkot and William Frank. William Frank is also the moderator. Marc Maheux is the chief operator, Rinette Seals performs the fluoride testing and Joan Stoddert does the meter reading. Harold Sargent collects the chemical and bacteriological sample 1.

Construction Project

The water supply project, consisting of a new 8 inch D.I. main and a hydrant on lower Poker Hill Road, 1200 feet of 12 inch D.I. pipe connecting the well field to the existing main on River Road, a control building and access road plus development of a second well, was finally completed. The total project cost was $440,000. Each well produces 150 gallons per minute. A few minor items require completion before final approval by the state will be granted.

System Maintenance, Repairs and Operation

All hydrants were greased and exercised. One on Steam Mill Road was found

to be defective and required extensive repairs costing $1,814. Hydrant painting

commenced in the Fall and is being done by John Fowler. It's been several years

since they were painted and several were in dire need of attention. They will

eventually be numbered.

The distribution system was flushed during the summer. An additional 8

inches of gravel from the Cliff Hill pit was placed on the new access road for

stabilization. Two old plastic service lines ruptured during the summer resulting

in flooded basements in two homes off Palmer Lane. Damage was heavy. Both lines

were replaced by the respective home owners using approved copper pipe. Six

to eight meters continue to be replaced yearly as they stop functioning. All

new meters include outside readers.

A serious leak was repaired on Maple Ridge on an old plastic line. The

Board is working toward replacement of all defective plastic pipe and appreciates

being notified of any noted wet areas or flowing water in areas normally dry.

Marc Maheux should be called at 899-2981 or 899-3810 if water is seen.

Daily testing of distribution water for fluoride levels was implemented

to make certain we maintain the optimum level of 1.1 mg/1 of fluoride for prevention

of dental caries. This was a change from weekly testing. Fluoridation counenced

in 1972 on this system.

The average daily water use is 72,000 gallons. Total operating, repair

and bond retirement expenses for the year ending September 30, 1992 was $57,905.

We've connected 13 homes which increases the demand on the system by about 300 gal.

each or almost 4000 gallons per day. Peter Hartwick constructed the remainder

of the required 8 inch water main at the Valley's Edge development. There is

a total of 210 connections which translates to 260 living units and businesses


A second development, since lifting the moratorium against new connections

last year, was approved. It was proposed by Warren Palmer for six lots, and

a 6 inch diameter main 495 feet long with 1 hydrant was approved for construction.

A sanitary survey was performed by Rod Pingree of the state's Division of

Drinking Water Management. He cited some small trees that must be removed from

on top of the (upper) concrete reservoir. He also noted that the outside of the steel reservoir will need to be painted relatively soon because a considerable amount of surface rust exists on the outside.

The Board entered into an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to receive a $16,000 demonstration grant with which to hire a consultant to study the geology surrounding our two 170 feet deep wells and determine how to protect their purity. The District will contribute about $1,200 toward the project.

The Board thanks all the people who help keep the system functioning which provides safe water for the domestic and business needs of the Underhill Flats area. Safe water could be considered the life blood of your community. We appre­ciate the hard work of these volunteers, some of which receive no compensation and'others very little. The Board also appreciates the availability of a monthly meeting place at the United Church of Underhill.

Respectfully submitted:

The Board

Douglas Keith

Peter Mitchell

Harold Sargent