1990 Annual Report of the Water District



Annual Report of the Board of Trustees October 9, 1990


Will the construction project ever be finished? We surely hope and expect so. The project is now near completion, and it is expected that final state approvals and setting of the pump will be accomplished before this winter's cold weather settles in.

 Cold weather in December of last year caused winter shutdown shortly after the well had reached bedrock. The Contractor's development work was stopped when we had several days of near-zero and sub-zero temperatures. After the pumping data were reviewed, we then requested that the Contractor return this spring to further develop the well with hydrojetting.

Well development has increased the yield of the construction well, and data show expected yield of 160 qpm (gallons per minute). This projected production is less than had been anticipated with the original exploratory drilling three years ago, but is better than indicated following the Initial development work of December, 1989.

It may be possible to set a second pump in the original exploration well. Although this well is a small diameter pipe and it is not gravel packed, a screen was set when it was drilled and it is capable of producing additional water to the District. We have also laid the necessary piping and controls between the production well and the exploration well to enable this connection.

Before making such decision we will review pumping data, obtain necessary State approvals, and determine cost-effectiveness of this option.. It is anticipated that work will be completed before winter on the production well and if the exploration well is added to our system, then that will occur' next spring.

The Board notes with thanks the assistance of our system operator, Marc Maheux, during this construction project. Coping with heavy rains Browns River flooding, and needing to get equipment and people to the well site has been greatly assisted by Marc's attention.


1.Backflushing and cleaning well points was done this summer with good results on the capacity of the old well site.

2. Tom Woodard was contracted to insulate the pit of the storage tank to control condensation and decrease heating costs.

3. The pit behind the Gray house (formerly Dumas) was filled and sealed because the new line extending to Poker Hill Road circumvented this obsolete and unnecessary control point.

4. A new hydrant was installed at the foot of Poker Hill Road.

5.An agreement was written which describes the financial responsibility of customers when leaks occur in service lines, notes estimated repair costs, and requires signature if the District is to undertake the repairs at the customers request.

5.1n May, a person or persons unknown forced open the roof cover of the storage tank. Marc Maheux, Dave Damkot, and State trooper Chris Reinfurt investigated. Testing confirmed potable water, the hatch was resecured, and new locks were installed.

6. Pump Number 2 was rebuilt by Mr. Maheux.

7. Ken Mitchell was contracted to rebuild and gravel the access road to the old well site.

3. Curb stops along Park Street were located, marked, and raised to accommodate Underhill's resurfacing that street.


1. Hydrants on Raceway Road and Steam Mill Road were repaired.

2. About three hundred feet of water line to Liberty Lane (off Palmer Lane) was replaced due to repeated leaks. Curb stops were relocated to property of the houses served. Three customers also replaced their old plastic service lines with type K copper. The Board notes appreciation to these customers because this improvement makes it much less likely that we will have future leaks in that area.

3. Line leaks were repaired to the residences of Marion Gleason, Doug

Keith and the line under Rte 15 serving Dickerson Street.



1. Find and train a backup system operator.

2. Complete curb stop locating and mapping.

3. Get the new well online.