1989 Annual Report of the Water District




Annual Report of the Board of Trustees October 9, 1989

At this writing, the construction project to put a new well on-line is well underway and completion is expected before the end of 1989. A new hydrant and two hundred fifty feet of 8" man have been placed on Poker

Hill Road. This hydrant will afford better fire protection for houses
in that vicinity, and house service will improve also. This improvement eliminates many feet of old and worrisome pipe, and will circumvent future problems in this area.

The main transmission line has been completed from Pleasant Valley Road at the end of Park Street across the Browns River. The control building has been erected, and internal work and some trim work will be finished shortly. Fencing and landscaping are planned to be completed before winter also if weather cooperates.

The contractor responsible for well drilling and development is underway, and completion is expected within a week or two. Following well construction extensive aquife7- testing will be done to obtain final aquifer testing will be done to obtain final State approval. It is anticipated that the new source should be on line in 1989.

The board extends thanks and appreciation to Marc Maheux for his important assistance to our District and the Contractors during this construction. Marc has always been willing and able to quickly respond to needs such as locating water line, speaking people whose property were nearby, taking water samples etc. Much of that work has been gratis to the District, and purely our needs often did not easily fit his own business responsibilities. Thank you Marc for you time and expertise.

District Boundaries

At the 1988 Annual Meeting it was voted that the property of Mary Bushnell would be added to the District in preparation for the project construction and to provide water service to her house and barn. At the 1989 annual meeting it will be determined by vote whether the District shall now also include these lands purchased by the Water District from Mary Bushnell and Merton and Grace Mills, which comprise the new well site, control building and roadway. The Board is seeking affirmative action on this artice.


Backflushing and cleaning well points was completed, and the well field has produced adequate amount of excellent quality water to the District without interruption. The pump control equipment has required special service to prevent malfunctions. However, we have been fortunate that such attention by our operator has maintained good service from these eighteen year old controls. Prior work on the pumps has also been beneficial as we have had no problems this past year. Marc Maheux is commended and thanked for his diligence and care.

The cistern at the top of Maple Ridge Road was empty on two occasions. The cause seemed to be a leak in the line serving it from the main storage tank. Wet areas in the road above the tank were excavated, but a specific break was never detected as there was much ground water under the surface. The line was replaced in the area excavated, and since then the storage cistern has properly held water. Good detective work or good luck?

    The storage shed at the well field was weatherized and repaired by Chet Willey. New clapboards were placed where rot had occurred, paint was scraped from the exterior, the surface was prepared and the entire outside was painted with a good exterior covering. Heavy plastic was installed over the windows.

A meter was installed at the Jericho-Underhill Fire Dept.

Collection of payments was tightened to assure more timely payment than has sometimes occurred In the past.

The Board expresses its appreciation also to Bob Greenia for his assistance in reviewing and analyzing several years of pumping data. Bob put much information into a spread-sheet analysis, and looked for trends of water pumped. We were interested in looking for anomalies which might coincide with discovered and repaired leaks, unusual weather situations, etc. The data clearly showed that over several years we have had a steady increase in the amount of water pumped even though there were no new hookups during that time. The reason for that correlation is unclear. It may be partly due to increased use, it may be partly due to leaks in our distribution system, and it may be partly due to less accuracy in our monitoring equipment.


A number of hits or near-hits during lightning storms damaged the storage tank water level sensors this past year. Repairs were effected the next day, with no service disruption.

Service line repair was made at the Greenia residence off Palmer Lane. As that repair was undertaken the main valve to several homes off Palmer Lane broke and was replaced. Service line repair was made to the Corrigan residence off Park Street. A third service line repair was made at the Marchus house on Raceway Road.

A longer small-diameter plastic service line to a house on Raceway Road was replaced with two hundred feet of Type K copper, this replacement was of an improperly installed plastic line by the original developer. The line had two breaks

Major repair to a service connection pull-out was required at the Royce's Sinclair Towers on Rte 15- This break occurred as a new service line was being installed and created quite a stir, to say nothing of blowing out a third Floor window of the house and sending water into the house. The contractors working on the service connection and the contractors who were restoring this fine old house worked very quickly and competently to minimize damage. They did a superb job. Our property liability insurance paid for the damage to the house.

A main line break at the corner of Willow Lane and Brookside Drive was also noteworthy as it nearly absorbed a mailbox. Repairs to the main line mere made with minimum service disruption. Although unfortunate the break permitted inspection of the inside of this main. We were pleased that there was no observable deterioration or deposits on the inside of the 8” pipe. The break was a clean radial fracture which may have been a weak area in manufacture, but no other failure was noted.


1. Map curb stop valve locations.

2. Establish a back-up operator.

3. Maintain road to old pumphouse.

4. Develop work and payment agreement for repairs for private service.  

David K. Damkot, President

Harold E. Sargent, Trustee

Douglas L. Keith, Trustee