1987 Annual Report




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The Jericho-Underhill Water District has moved forward this year with locating a new source of water and acquiring the lands and funds to put such a source on-line as soon as possible. Webster-Martin Engineering reported their findings based upon the exploratory well-drilling by Layne New England, and conservatively estimated a 250 gallon-per-minute source near the Browns River across from the end of Park Street.

Following that report, the District voted to acquire a $400,000 bond to develop that source and to effect some improvements to the line serving Poker Hill residents. It was also voted that the District should purchase the lands at the successful test-site. Such purchase is waiting the deeds being written by the attorneys for the current land owners, and such rights will be exercised as soon as deeds are available for signing,

It is hoped that final design money will be obtained from the State in November. Then engineering design can proceed, and construction could begin in the spring. The Board anticipates that when the new water source is in-service, then the current moratorium of longstanding can be lifted.


Three houses in the Bolio development were added to the system. Service at the Roskam residence was extended to their attached barn. Service was granted at the McDowell residence for converting two-rooms in the house to an apartment. Such additions were extended under the provisions of prior obligations and necessities for the public good. Such provisions were adopted by the Board following the discovery of another excellent water-source, and passing of the bond vote to develop that well-site.


The wellheads were back flushed in the spring. One of the two non-functioning well points was repaired and put on-line again, but one of the well points still will not hold a vacuum and is currently off-line. Newly purchased leak detec­tion equipment was used to survey the system for leaks in April, but no leaks were discovered at that time. The line to the Crocker residence froze under Park Street this winter and had to be thawed. The United Church of Underhill offered the storage shed to the Water District, and it was moved from next to the parsonage to the pump house area.


Some repairs were required for the telemetry system which activates the pumps when the storage tank level is down. These parts are becoming very expensive, and are also prone to lightning damage. The pumps also required major repair on two separate occasions this year. Such repairs are also quite expensive, and are of concern when there are delays in getting parts. Leaks were found and repaired in service lines to the Pelchat residence, the Kingsbury barn, and the Metcalfe residence. The cistern serving houses above the storage.tank was dry on two occasions this year, but such seems to be due to errors in the pump-running programs. The timing programs have been recalibrated and set.

Annual Report of the Board of Directors Continued


(1)Present proposed new regulations to the District, (2)acquire the wellsite lands and begin construction of new water source, (3)place new line on Poker Hill Road, (4)place new line to homes on Palmer Lane

Respectfully submitted,

David Damkot Douglas Keith Harold Sargent (Board of Directors)