1986 Annual Report

Annual Report of the Board of Directors
November 3, 1986


P.O. Box 174,

Underhill, Vermont 05489

This year has seen some changes on your Board of Directors: Chris Page moved to South Burlington and Harold Sargent was appointed to complete his term. Carl Miller resigned and Marc Maheux was appointed to complete his term.

System Repairs

A number of service line leaks were found and repaired during this past year. Such work was completed at Bleakley,  Bailey,  McClellan, and Amundsen residences. A connection leak was also repaired in the line serving Graves and Langlois houses and new copper line was installed under Route 15 to serve these residences.

Service lines froze and were thawed to the Crocker and Lemay residences.

A beaver dam and ice-jam caused some flooding at the berm and pump house. Heavy equipment was brought in to clear the river, and major problems were averted. Special thanks are extended to David Villeneuve and Al Breault for their assistance and efforts to remove the dam.

Preventive Maintenance

Water meters were replaced at Lynch, O'Brien,and Stygles. Two hydrants hit by snowplows were replaced. The well-points were again back flushed and cleaned. Two of the wells are not being used now because they have an air leak. The berm area has been substantially cleared of brush, the grass is mowed regularly, and the drainage ditches were cleaned. The fence surrounding the berm area has been repaired and reset.

System Capacity

The new post office on Park Street was placed on the system under an agreement signed in 1970 at the time the water main crossed the property to the storage tank. The former Ettlinger residence on Poker Hill Road was purchased, and the barn/ workshop was converted to an apartment. The Board gave retroactive consent to this action with a ruling that if water used at this residence exceeds the average used there previously, then one of the buildings would be taken off-system. The Roskams requested putting a water line to their outbuilding which was being converted to a studio and one or two apartments. Permission was granted for the studio, and denied for the apartments pending a release of the moratorium. Requests for new hookups from Von Turkovich, Hubbard, and St. Clair were denied,

Water exploration

Exploratory drilling and testing was accomplished by Hydro-Group of Layne New England under the direction of Webster-Martin Engineering. Deep holes (circa 180') were drilled at the current well-field and on land just across the Browns River from the cemetery. it appears that clean and substantial water is available at this latter site. A final report is expected within the next very few weeks.

Work Planned for Next Year

1. Receive exploration report, hold informational meetings, and ask people of the district if a new water source should be brought on-line. 2. Review district by­laws, hookup rates, etc. and revise as necessary. 3. Consider purchase of leak detection equipment.

Special Thanks

The Board wishes to note its deep appreciation to Carl Miller for serving as a Director for the people of this Water District, to Chris Page for his several years of service as a Director and for his untiring good humor in that role, Thanks to Bob Greenia and Alan Morse who have gathered information, data, and projections about water use, populations, etc. necessary to clear consideration of where we have been and where we might go to serve. And most particular thanks to Marc Maheux for his untiring and successful negotiations to obtain the rights to do exploratory drilling, without his work it would not have happened. Thank you all.

Respectfully submitted: David Damnkot, Marc Maheux, Harold Sargent