1985 Annual Report




Annual Report of the Board of Directors: October 16, 1985

During 1984-1985, a number of repairs to the system were made to improve efficiency and to maintain equipment. Marc Maheux daily monitors equipment and records water pumping and use. His efforts have had a substantial impact on good system operation, and although this has been a very dry year no serious problems in delivering the necessary water to current users occurred.

System repairs

Leak detection and repair was again a concern. Service line leaks were visually detected and repaired at the Wheeler farm, the Malloy residence, and at the Eldred's. Following those repairs the North East Water Works Assoc. sent their specialist to conduct leak survey of the main lines. No leaks were found, but use was still high. Equipment was borrowed from the Champlain Water District and Marc Maheux trained several people to survey service lines. Following two weeks of such detective work, additional leaks were found and repaired at G.A.R. place, the Cloutier residence, and on Dickerson Street. Special thanks are extended to those people who assisted in finding these leaks. It is noted that these repairs decreased water use from about 146,000 gallons per day to about 74,000 gallons per day just before the storage tank was drained and repainted. A substantial accomplishment.

Preventive Maintenance

The storage tank on Maple Ridge Road was drained, sandblasted and painted inside-and-out.This was the first such maintenance work since the tank was installed. Meters were replaced at Kavanaugh, Blaisdell, Vanorum, Fife, Peryea, Jeri-Hill Apts.,and Martha Dumas.

Curb-stops were replaced at G.A.R. Place, King, and Lee Dumas.One main pump was dismantled and rebuilt, the Berm at the pumping field was again backfilled and seeded. The grass has developed, and regular mowing and trimming has been established.

System Capacity


Three requests for new-user hookups were received and denied until the new-user moratorium can be lifted. Moneys were obtained from the State of Vermont - to pursue a search for new water sources. Webster-Martin engineering firm was hired to do that work, and they have presented a report suggesting possible sites to explore. We are now waiting for them to bring in a team to accomplish ground-resistivity testing and to drill some test wells. This work will be presented in a report to the users upon completion early next year.


Work planned for coming year


  1. Paint and flag hydrants before winter.
  2. Present the water-search report to users.
  3. Repair the fence and gate around the well-field.
  4. Review District by-laws and update.
  5. Meet with the Jericho Water District to discuss common and interests and concerns.
    David K. Damkot, Carl R. Miller and Chris B. Page