1984 Annual Meeting


Annual Report of the Board of Directors for the Jericho-Underhill Water District November 19, 1984

This year has entailed the usual leak repairs throughout the system, and more importantly has included considerable work in areas of preventive maintenance and system improvements. Line leaks were found and repaired in the feeder line to the cistern above Maple Ridge and in Palmer Lane near Eldred's. House line leaks were found and repaired to three residences on Poker Hill (these costs are reimbursed to the District), as well as the Poker Hill system line and the line to the UJFD building. Malfunctioning meters were replaced at the Jeri-Hill apartments and at five residences. New meters were installed at the churches, the Bagshaw residence, Ettlinger residence, and King residence.

Preventive work. The pump house received a new, pitched roof and insulation was installed in the ceiling, the exterior was completely repainted, and the exterior was completely painted. Well-points were again back flushed and cleaned, thereby reducing the draw pressure required. The berm was backfilled front and back and sloped to permit regular mowing in the future. Slopes were raked, smoothed, and seeded. All rough areas from earlier line repairs were raked, smoothed, and seeded. A new roof was installed over the valve pit behind the Dumas' residence. One of the main pumps was dismantled and rebuilt. We now have two working pumps, and one pump as backup. The NET installed new underground telephone lines at the storage, for sensing and metering water level in the tank.

One fire hydrant which was broken in an automobile accident was replaced; reimbursement has been received.

System improvements.

The geohydrological firm of Wagner, Heindel & Noyes was hired to collect data and prepare report detailing best-probably areas to investigate test-wells for possible new water _sources. Their report suggested three possible sites with back-up data and maps pinpointing known water sources in the area of the System.

Meetings were held with members of the Agency of Environment Conservation, state of Vermont. They informed the Water Board of moneys available for new water source exploratory work and system improvements. They also prepared for us an outline for a scope of work which we may wish to use in hiring and engineering firm to begin such work. The Scope of Work has been prepared and sent to five firms for competitive bidding. The bidding will be followed by interviews with interested firms, and application will be made to the State for moneys to support this work.

Bid requests were sent to two professional firms for sandblasting and repainting the storage tank. These bid requests were prepared and sent based upon exploratory done by divers for Reliance Construction, who were hired to write a report and supply pictures of the condition of the inside of the tank. Repairs are scheduled for this summer.

A leak-detection firm was hired to survey our entire distribution system and pinpoint leaks. The entire system was surveyed, and no distribution line leaks were detected. Two hydrants were found to have leaking gaskets, which lose water only when the hydrants are on.

Work planned for coming year

1. Drain, clean and repaint the storage tank

2. Obtain state funding for exploration and system improvement work, hire an engineering firm to plan and oversee that work.

3. Flag hydrants for this winter.