1983 Annual Report


Annual Report of the Board of Directors for the Jericho-Underhill Water

District---- October 17, 1983

This year has been a relatively fortunate one for the District. Water supply has remained adequate throughout the year, and the pumps are working more efficiently since they were back flushed. A number of leaks have been located and repaired (permanently we hope). We have also been fortunate to have the services of Marc Maheux who has taken care of various and

sundry regular tasks to maintain equipment in the best possible condition, and to make efficient and reliable repairs as needed.

Specific activities:

  1. Repair of leaks: at residences of Martha Bane, Mrs. Seymour, Bergeron, Finney, Kingsbury, at the Doug Keith connection near the Konuito’s, and at the cemetery connection. These repairs were necessary because of deteriorated galvanized and brass fittings, quick tap fittings, or plastic piping. This problem is perennial and will continue until all such fittings had tubing have been replaced.
  2. Telephone and signaling systems: telephone lines between the tank and pump house were troublesome during February and March. These lines have been temporarily repaired by running overhead lines. A lightning strike or strikes in October destroyed timers and connecting devices. These damaged components have been repaired.
  3. Berm and pump house: The berm has received additional backfill and filling at settlings around well housings. These areas have been seeded. The pump house-was repointed and the roof was repaired. A rebuilt fluoride pump from the State was installed, and a new chlorination pump was purchased and installed. A new water pump was installed, and an old pump was repaired to be ready as backup.
  4. Water meters: Outside-reading meters and attachments have been installed at the United Church and as several residences. New installations will include outside-reading meters.
  5. Work to be done:

1. Insulate pump house

2. Grease and flush hydrants and put up flags for the winter

3.Backflush wells to maintain efficient pumping.

4.Determine means to hold water and maintain pressure while sandblasting and painting the storage tank. Obtain cost estimates, and schedule for summer 1984.

5. Develop information file with all data obtainable about potential sites for future water sources. Consider test wells as advised by data for next summer.

6. Add fill to sides of berm with slope which would permit regular mowing.

7. Have Telephone Company install new underground lines at the tank.

8. Purchase fluoridation test kit.