1980 Annual Report




  1.  Had the property at the well field survey and mapped and recorded.
  2.  Initiated changes to the water rates.
  3.  Purchased metal detector to locate curb stops and valves.
  4.  Held monthly and special meetings to transact water district business.
  5. The brown winter of 1979 did much damage to the well field due to freezing - corrective action is that the water district purcahse baled hay to insulate the wells from the cold.
  6. Sent monthly samples of district water to the health department for water quality checks –all passed.
  7. Participated in the state TEC tests for vinyl lined pipes.
  8. Became a corporate member of the Vermont Water Works Association.
  9. Paid yearly cote on the bond of the district

Future Projects


a. Abandon old water line on west side of route 15 on the north end of town and connected  services directly to the main.

 b. Paint the storage tank inside and out.

 c. Replace the pumping system and Wells with a gravel packed-well with submersible pump.

 d. Replace water line with water main on Poker Hill.

e. Replace the water line above the tank to prevent yearly freezing –this would include a requirement for blasting.

We, the trustees are appreciative of the supportive to services of the following people;

The Auditors – Nancy Craig

    Peg Sargent

    Doug Keith

Who thanklessly do a necessary service for the district by auditing the books.

Our clerk –Gerry Ackley who was superb job of billing, paying bills in keeping the records is outstanding.

Our meter reader – Roger Koniuto was very courteously and professionally reads the district’s meters.

Our superintendent – Leon Dumas who faithfully attends the pump house – the changing of the charts, the computation of the water usage, and who keeps the Trustees on their toes.

They are help is invaluable tool us, so we would, at least once a year, say thank you.

Alan Morse chairman

Underhill –Jericho Water District Trustees