1982 Annual Report



1. Wheeler fire pointed out insufficient source problems again.

Asked UJFD to pump from the Browns river to help fill our tank.

The tank was filled and the level was maintained by Greenmont Lumber until spring.

2. Water committee was established headed by Alan Morse.

3. Had public meeting to point out the problems with the water system. Voted to raise the rates by 30% to allow for needed repairs. Filled in water committee with six more members.

  1. Brought back on line, the 3 broken wells for a full total of 10.
  2. Gerry Adams drilled 5 test holes to find the character of our well field. Indicators are that there is little hope of improving our present well field.
  3. As of 3-8-82, No more requests for water connection would be processed. Clerk sent Letters to both Jericho and Underhill town clerks informing them.
  4. Attended Jericho Planning Commission meeting to explain the no more hook up policy and what it might mean to town growth.


                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                s/Robert A Greenia

                                   Robert A Greenia

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Jericho-Underhill Water Dist. Inc