June 2, 2020

7:00 p.m.

Gazebo at  Browns River Middle School

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Joe O’Brien                                                 Kirk Patch                                       Marc Maheux

Tanner Palmer

Steve Jennings                                                      CLERK                                       ASST. OPERATOR

                                                                Nancy Benson                                   Andy Forsberg


1.   Call to Order and Welcome.  Joe O’Brien called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. to adopt the Agenda, which was approved.

2.   Review and approval of minutes of previous meeting(s).  Minutes from the March meeting were approved.

3.   Review and approval of financial statements.  The financial reports for March, April and May were approved.

4.   Customer Comments.

A.  None.

B.  Any will move the touch pad at the Zambarano property.

      Kirk received a call from a woman that said her water was brown.  It cleared up.

      Joe received an e-mail on flushing and responded.

C.  None.

5.   Correspondence.  VLCT news and pamphlets.

6.   Operations Report.

Operator’s Report.

Water usage. 

  1. Test Results and Testing.

Bacteria results negative.

Fluoride results within tolerance.


7.   Repairs, Maintenance, and Connections.

Kirk said April was quiet for the most part.  Andy repaired the coolant leak on the generator.

The radio at Poker Hill died.

The hydrant flushing was done May 14 and 15 with the Fire Department’s help. 

8.   Old Business.

A.  Nothing new on Mill Development.

B.  Kirk gave an estimate on the hydrant painting.  He has one intern to help.  Most hydrants are not in bad shape for painting, except for Route 15 where it needs to be sand blasted and painted.  Has the capability to do traffic control.  They will honor the price on the estimate.

C.  The breaker at Maple Ridge will need to be replaced.

D.  Marc will work Barrett Lane in.  Once a 4” line is in, it could be shot down the road to pick up 32 and 34 and next three on Barrett Lane.  Barrett is fed off an 8” main.  Marc said the connection is right there for him.  It will be tapped off at 4”.  May have to change the size of the pump.  Will talk to the engineer.

E.  Robert Martelle allocation for 22 Park Street was officially approved.  Heidi Conger allocation for 34 Poker Hill Road was approved.  Kirk would like to sit down and go through the allocation sheet and clean up the list.  Joe will put on the agenda for next month.

F.  Wells and pumps are working good.

9.   New Business. 

A.  Kirk asked what has been done and what needs to be prioritized on the capital plan.  Marc and Jason worked on the plan.  The Maple Ridge electrical is the highest priority and should be moved to #1.  Marc can dig with a backhoe.  Authority was given to get Maple Ridge started.

      Hydrant painting – Kirk was going to check if there is paint in the pump house.  The hydrant on Meadow Lane needs to be replaced and they may forego painting that one.  The hydrant on the corner of Route 15 and Dickinson Street is also bad.  The hydrant at Route 15 and Palmer Lane could use a riser.  The hydrant on Route 15 by the old gas station is leaning.  Kirk will get price quotes on the costs for new hydrants and the Board will determine what is needed.  Marc said O’Leary Burke had an RFP done on the hydrants.  The Board approved getting started on the hydrant painting.  Marc will follow up with Paul on the RFP.

      We are down to one radio for communications.  There is no backup.

      The tanks were inspected in 2016.  They are due to be inspected next year.  That cost is around $10,000.00 to $12,000.00.

B.  The radio and I Cloud piece.  It was asked what is running both tanks.  The radio is running.  Mission is capable of hooking flow meter and chlorine analyzer.  The unit could be upgraded.  It displays currently to Poker Hill.  The radio is good, but have cellular capability.  There would be transmission costs and monthly cell service.  Joe asked if we could keep maintaining the radio.  The Poker Hill one is obsolete.  The Maple Ridge is newer.  We could buy new ones.  Poker Hill send signal to Maple Ridge.  Kirk will get quotes on radio cost and Mission service costs.  The Board will look at the most cost-effective measure. Kirk will check with John Champlin, who designed and installed the radios.

      Kirk will get a price on a defuser from Ferguson.

10. Next Regular Meeting.  The next regular meeting is tentatively set for July 7 at 7:00 p.m.

11. Review and Approve Bills.  Bills were reviewed and approved.

Adjournment.  The regular meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.  The Trustees went into executive session at 8:25 p.m. and adjourned at 8:39 p.m.  The Board agreed to have all Water District locks rekeyed.

Respectfully submitted,


Nancy Benson, Clerk/Treasurer


Joe O’Brien, President